NRR: White Girl

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While heading to my secret place to watch Fantastic Beast and this movies name caught my eye. When I looked into it, I thought it would be a spring breakers type movie. It was a premiered at Sundance and was written and directed by a woman fresh out of Columbia  University. The touch of reality is the single best part of the whole thing. I know girls like that main character. I know guys like that dealer. & isn’t that Mr. Big?! Elizabeth Wood is a bad ass and I will not be forgetting that name anytime soon.

First thing to note is the amount of sex and nudity is enormous. The main character makes terrible choices throughout, which is authentic to most young 20 year olds. The performances are wonderful, even by the supporting cast, who don’t have a ton to work with. The guy from the hangover and India Menuez stand out in particular. The drug dealer boyfriend gets the most development, while the female lead is hard to follow. Does she love him? And if not, why is she doing this? Why was she okay with selling herself in one situation but not the next.

While I’ve never had the urge to see kids, this film is consistently compared to it, and marks inspiration for Wood. One tiny nitpick might be the characters dark circles are occasionally charcoal dark. This is a picture that catches a culture rarely shown in movies and I severely appreciate that. The story is that of a white woman from suburbia giving in to her every addiction. The best part of this flick is it is framed in a summer in between college semesters and when she gets back into school she is certainly a different person. I give White Girl a 4/5

 I have watched a ton of movies I enjoy recently..
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