WTNT: Exit Road

Released in 2015 Exit Road is about the challenges a man who was once on the wrong path has to face upon getting out of prison.  Upon its release it hit the festival circuit hard, gaining entry into at least 6. The main character Dane is forced to pretty much decide if he is going back to his old ways or take the long road to recovery. The director Yuri hails from New Jersey, but like all those who know well enough has moved to Cali to pursue his dreams.He was actually born in Brazil and raised by Portuguese parent.  He’s a self-taught director who has directed similarly serious films entitled Broken Clouds (and Jersey Blues – Look em up). The film comes in at 13 minutes and is worth the watch.

On an estimated budget of $40,000 Yri has made gold. He has done well for himself in the realm of shorthand story telling. I hope we can see a feature from him soon.

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