WTNT: Synesthesia

The work of a cinematographer or DP is immensely important to a production. I am looking into people who hold the title in my area for a potential spot on my crew for A Bum Rap. Here, I was pointed to the work of Sean Cooper, who collaborated with Director Sam Sikora for Synesthesia. This short isn’t available on youtube, so don’t go looking or you will find a much more popular video. But that video had to have investors. The one I am showcasing was made by young kids out bustin’ their tails to be recognized in an over saturated medium. With very little money I might add. But that does not detract from the dramatic quality of the material.

So be sure to watch this next time you have a minute. It is better in my opinion then the colorful, flashy version presented on Youtube.  Be sure to visit Sean-cooper.com for more from my new friend. I hope you loved the visual style presented here as much as I did. Catch you all soon.

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